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Top Five Harnesses For French Bulldogs

A french bulldog makes the most ideal pet. It is great with kids, is a fun, cuddly lap dog, does not bark as much as the other small dogs, is very talkative, is extremely affectionate, and requires much lesser exercise than other dogs. If you own a Frenchie, you must know how playful yet stubborn they can be. These little furry companions can be full of energy and also a little handful at times, and therefore, the best present you can get them is a sweet harness. Harness vests are the best option for little pups as simply a collar might give them trouble breathing or make them prone to injury as they play. A lot of the harnesses that will be mentioned below are actually suitable for all types of small dogs, but absolutely ideal for a french bulldog.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind before buying a harness for your frenchie:

  • A dog harness is the safest, most harmless and comfortable way to gain control and restrain your dog. It helps divide the pressure of the weight evenly so that there is no strain on your dog’s neck and back. Many delicate structures are located in the neck region such as the wind pipe, the spinal cord, the thyroid gland and the food pipe. Pressure on these structures can cause many problems such as choking, neurological problems and thyroid diseases in your beloved little one. So, it is always advisable to choose a harness and leash instead of a collar and leash combination.
  • A dog harness is better than a dog collar as it helps in better controlling the dog while going on walks, hikes or playing with other dogs, and it is especially so in smaller dogs as they are tinier and are full of energy.
  • Harnesses demoralize The Dog from pulling, unlike a dig collar. So it makes your job of taking it out for walks a little more simple and easy on your arms and shoulders.
  • A harness comes with different attachment points for a leash, so always make sure that you are selecting a harness with many different options, or one with the knowledge of where it’s rings are situated so that it can be ensured that it is where your puppy feels the most comfortable.
  • A mesh harness, a vest type harness, a chest plate harness and a strapped harness are the best types of harnesses that you can buy for your french bulldog pup.
  • A french bulldog’s body shape is unique, as it has a large chest and tapered body, so buying a harness that is specifically designed to contour its body shape is always a wise decision.
  • Always keep in mind to buy a harness that is of the very perfect size so that it is snug enough to not escape, but also has room enough for a growing puppy and also for air circulation.
  • The choice of harness material is very important as it decides the harness’s comfort and breathability factor. The best materials to look out for are nylon, polyester, neoprene, cotton and mesh fabric.
  • Other features to consider in a harness are the adjustability, padding, no pull, no choke features, and reflectivity to ensure maximum safety and comfort of your fur buddy.

Here we have compiled a list of the best harnesses for your convenience.

RYPET Small Dog Harness and Leash Set

Main features:

  • Checkered design with bow tie and bell
  • Comes with a metal clip to expand or reduce the size of the vest
  • Comes with a snap buckle for easy opening and closing
  • Made of breathable soft air mesh fabric
  • Comes with a matching 150cm/58.5 inches long leash

This cute checkered harness comes in four different colours and in three different sizes. It is one of our top favourable mentions. Coming with an adorable black bow tie and bell, this is a fashion forward harness, making sure your pup is always looking its best and at the same time is absolutely comfy. It is made up of breathable, soft, comfortable, lightweight material and comes with an adjustable design. The little bell will always help you know where your pup isand keep an eye/ear on it. It is of a versatile design and makes an ideal harness for small puppies and cats too. There is a sturdy leash attachment and not only that, it comes with it’s own matching leash so your pup is always colour coordinated and fancy.

WALKTOFINE Dog Harness No Pull Reflective, Comfortable Harness

Main features:

  • Comes in five fun colours
  • Made of durable nylon oxford material
  • Has 2 zinc alloy rings on back and chest for leash attachment
  • Has reflective stitching for pup’s safety
  • Has 4 adjustment buckles

This is a perfect harness for a fussy doggy who loves to chew and play around. It is extremely sturdy and comes with a great finishing. The material is incredibly strong, comfortable, breathable, and can be worn for long times without any worries. This harness comes with a handle, is extremely easy to use and is completely adjustable. There are two high quality, lightweight and rust proof D rings, made of zinc alloy material, on the chest and on the back to help for a secure leash attachment. The sturdy nylon webbing in the harness will not only give great security but also ensure that your buddy does not slip out of the harness. And what’s more? This harness also comes with 4 easy adjustable and reflective straps to make this harness a complete all rounder!


Soft Mesh Dog Harness Pet Puppy Comfort Padded Vest No Pull Harnesses

Main features:

  • Lovely plaid design and 3 fun colours
  • Made of 100% polyester air mesh with cotton padding
  • Buckle along the side with an adjustment strap. The neck area is not adjustable
  • It is Machine washable although hand washing is recommended.
  • Comes with a matching leash

Keep your adorable frenchie modish, stylish and happy in this cute plaid harness, which comes in three different sizes and a sturdy matching leash. Coming in three different colours, you will be tempted to buy them all. Made with a 100% polyester air mesh and cotton material, this harness is not only breathable and light weight, it also will not tear or fray easily. It comes in four different sizes and has plenty of room for adjustment, especially around the waist. This harness is among one of our top picks and your pup will never want to leave it.


QTpawz French Bull Dog Vest Harness

Main features:

  • Cartoon bulldog design all over
  • Comes with a buckle and four adjustment clips
  • Lined with a breathable mesh on the inside
  • Comes with a matching poop bag holder with an attachment clip
  • Designed to match a frenchie’s body contour

Ever made your frenchie wear a frenchie? Well. now is your chance! We recommend this charming little number to add to your furry buddy’s wardrobe. It has the most delightful cartoon print of french bulldogs all over and will definitely catch eyes when your pup struts down the street wearing it. It is uniquely designed to fit the body type of a french bulldog. Did your pup just go poo poo while you took them out on a walk? Leave all your worries behind, because this harness also comes with a matching doggy waste bag carrier. It is 100% adjustable and comes with plenty of room for your little one to grow in. Breathable, light weight, cozy, snug, airy are too few words to describe everything that this harness is.

Bulldog Grade Harness for English-American-French Bulldogs

Main features:

  • Made of unique Minimal design for breathability
  • Has Varied colour options
  • Comes with Reflective straps
  • Has a Tear proof, water proof and durable oxford cloth and mesh lining
  • Has 4 extra strong buckles
  • Comes with a car seat belt attachment strap
  • Is machine washable with normal laundry detergent

This harness is a rare combinatination of good looks and fantastic functionality and is absolutely perfect for leash training. It comes in six different colours and 4 different sizes which makes it an absolute versatile addition to your french bulldog’s wardrobe.

The unique selling point of this harness is its history. It is custom made and inspired by two bulldogs, when, at the time, there was no market availability of items specific to this breed. It is designed for bulldogs and by the bulldog owners themselves, hence you can always be assured of its quality and fit. This harness is specifically addressed to meet the special needs of a bulldog and so this makes it a perfect addition to your pup’s harness collection. It comes with four extra strong and buckles that makes for an escape proof harness. It also has a completely detachable and reversible top panel.

Detachable so that it becomes extremely convenient to wash and reversible so that it also gives you an option of either fitting the leash toward the front or the back. This X shaped Chest vest comes with a sturdy, rugged, no pull, no choke design. The list does not end here. It also comes with a unique car seatbelt safety strap so you can take your little one to ride with you without any worries. This gear goes through rigorous testing and it is safe to say that it’ll exhaustively stay protected against regular bulldog wear and tear.