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Best Harness for Labradors

Best Harness for Labradors in Canada



Labradors are one of the most popular family dog breeds in the world. They were originally bred as hunting and sports dogs. Labradors have a friendly, active and intelligent temperament. In ancient times, labradors were used as working companions, and now their role has transitioned into a family dog for modern homes. Labradors are strong and athletic, and can cover large distances very quickly on foot. So, having control for the owners of these dogs becomes an utmost priority. And the best control is always provided by a sturdy dog harness and leash.

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Given below are our best picks for a harness for your labrador.

rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness Leash Set Heavy Duty Halter Harness with Leash for Large Dogs Reflective Adjustable Pet Vest Harness Outdoor Training Leash, Black, for Large, Medium, Small Dogs

Main features:

  • It is Made with heavy duty fabric material
  • It Contains reflective strips
  • It is Adjustable with clips around neck and chest
  • It has 2 metal D ring leash clips on back
  • It comes with a leash
  • It is Not machine washable – requires to be hand washed

This harness is one of our top recommended harnesses. It comes with an exceptionally durable build, and is made with very soft materials and paddings. If you are looking for resilience and practicality in a harness, this is an ideal choice. It comes with a soft padding and an internal mesh lining. It has 4 adjustable sturdy zinc alloy clips, 2 around the neck and 2 around the belly area along with two strong buckles to secure around the belly. It also comes with a matching leash. The leash contains reflective strips and features a 360 degree rotating metal clip so that you have a better control over your pup. For your comfort, the leash also comes with a padded handle to protect your hands from any injury due to rubbing. It also comes with a sturdy handle on the back so you are always in control of your doggy. Having this harness will definitely make playtime and walks much more fun and safe.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness, Adjustable Comfortable Control for Dog Walking, Made in USA

Main features:

  • This is a Roman type harness
  • Made of strong durable material with an inner velvet lining
  • Contains four zinc alloy adjustment clips
  • Comes with a chew warranty replacement of upto 2 straps
  • Recommended by well known journals and trainers

The Freedom no pull Harness by 2 Hounds Design is the ultimate harness which gives exemplary flexibility, control and plenty of wiggle room for your furry buddy. This magical harness will instantly get your dog to stop pulling on the leash while walking. It will give a better sense of training and communication and help build a healthy relationship with your pup when you start walking him. It makes the training time with your pup a lot more manageable, fun and stress free. This harness fits comfortably under the neck so you do not have to worry about choking or gagging. Thanks to it’s fantastic design, neither will your puppy feel any hurt around the neck, nor around the adjustment straps, as they are velvet lined and will be soft on his skin. Thanks to this harness’s minimalistic design, your bud will also never have to feel hot during his play time. This harness strap comes in 7 different sizes and a whooping 19 colour choices. It is not only recommended by top journals such as The Whole Dog Journal, but also by the VIN ( The Veterinary Information network) and many top trainers around the world. It comes with an attractive chew warranty because you can never know when unattended chewings happen. With this harness, be ready to bid all your harness related woes good bye!

WALKTOFINE Dog Harness No Pull Reflective, Comfortable Harness with Handle,Fully Adjustable Pet Leash Vest for Small Medium Large Dog Breed

Main features:

  • Made with Nylon Oxford material
  • Made with very bright reflective straps
  • Contains four adjustable straps, 2 around neck and 2 around chest on either side
  • No pull, no choke design
  • 2 zinc alloy D rings

This ergonomic dog harness is perfect for a fussy pup who loves to pull. It comes in a large variety of colours and sizes. It is made up of chew proof nylon oxford material and comes generously lined and cushioned on the inside to make sure that the harness does not tug on your little one’s skin and body. This harness also comes with reflective treading so if you want to take your pup out on walks early in the morning or late at night, this harness is absolutely perfect. This no pull and no choke dog harness comes with 2 extremely sturdy zinc alloy D rings, one on the chest and one on the back for a custom leash fitting. It also comes with a strong rugged handle to give you better control if your puppy is an unruly one. Not only does this have extremely sturdy snap on buckles, but it also gives you long adjustable straps with plenty of room for your dog to go into. This is truly the ultimate leash for your labrador puppy.

rabbitgoo Dog Harness,No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips,Adjustable Soft Padded Dog Vest,Reflective No-Choke Pet Oxford Vest with Easy Control Handle for Large Breeds

Main features

  • Suitable for medium to large labradors
  • Made with durable weather proof nylon oxford material
  • Comes with two snap on fast release buckles
  • Comes with 4 adjustable straps around the neck and the chest
  • Perfect, no escape design
  • Comes with reflective straps for safety
  • Machine washable, but hand wash recommended

If you have a fussy labrador that pulls a lot, gets distracted all the time, and requires plenty of redirection, this no pull pet harness is your perfect solution. This harness is designed to fit your puppy snugly and prevent it from wiggling it’s way out of it. The hallmark feature of this harness is its beautiful colour selections and reflective threading to ensure maximum safety. Your doggy will always be cool in the hot summer or while playtime thanks to the breathable material with a mesh lining on the inside. This harness can also be attached to the car harness using its back clip. This high quality harness is a much needed addition to your labrador puppy’s harness collection.

Eagloo Dog Harness No Pull, Walking Pet Harness with 2 Metal Rings and Handle Adjustable Reflective Breathable Oxford Soft Vest Easy Control Front Clip for Small Medium Large Dogs

Main features:

  • Made with durable oxford fabric
  • Comes with two metal clips and one sturdy handle
  • Has reflective straps
  • 2 quick release buckles and 4 adjustable points
  • Hand wash only with mind soap

Coming in 6 different colours and 4 different sizes, the Eagloo Dog harness is one of our top recommendations. It is a perfect harness for dog training as it comes with 2 D rings, one at the chest and one at the back. The D ring at the chest is perfect for dog training, giving you full control during training sessions. The D ring at the chest is at the ideal place so your lab learns to not pull while going for walks. The four sturdy adjustment points allow for easy and customized fit to your labrador. It also comes with reflective straps, since labradors love running and playing at any time of the day. The strong handle is perfect for uneasy situations with your pup. All in all, this harness has everything that you’re looking for and we are sure that you will not regret this purchase.

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar, Adjustable Reflective Oxford Outdoor Vest, Front/Back Leash Clips for Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Dogs, Easy Control Handle for Walking

Main features:

  • Sturdy harness for large labradors
  • 4 adjustable sliders and 2 quick release buckles
  • Reflective straps
  • Sturdy double and reinforcement stitching
  • Contains a soft sponge padding plate
  • Comes with a handle strap
  • Hand wash advised

This harness comes on the top of our list as it is extremely sturdy, comes with much larger clasps than usual harnesses, and contains a unique design to ensure the clasp is prevented from pulling or breaking. This WINSEE Dog harness is a great choice for your labrador. It will make sure that not only does your dog look handsome in it and know it, but also is 100% functional in all its features. This over head slide on harness comes with four points of adjustment and 2 buckles on either side of the belly to give a snug and comfy fit. The fitting that this harness gives is not loose enough for your lab to snake his way out of it, but also not tight enough to rub against his skin. It additionally comes with reflective straps and 2 D ring leash clips. With its pocket friendly pricing and strong, user friendly design, This harness is indeed an all rounder when it comes to deciding the best pick for your labrador dog.

RUFFWEAR – Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness, Hiking and Trail Running, Service and Working, Everyday Wear

Main features:

  • Ideal harness for dogs that love adventure and amputee pups that require assistance
  • Comes with 5 adjustment clips
  • Has reflective trimming
  • Comes with an anodized aluminium V ring
  • Has a handle to assist and manoeuvre doggies
  • Contains foam padding

If you are looking for a truly escape proof harness, your search ends here. This Ruffwear dog support harness is the best harness to use if you go on many adventures with your lab such as hiking on rough terrains. It is also a great help for amputee doggos or ones which cannot use all of its legs thanks to its light, sturdy, padded and reinforced maneuvering handle. It has a reflective trim all around and contains a safety light look for the attachment of a beacon light. Not only the vest, but the straps also contain foam padding to ensure the softest, most comfortable harness wearing experience for your pup. If your labrador has special needs, this harness is the one for you.

noxgear LightHound – Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics

Main features:

  • LED Harness with tonnes of colour options and multicolour combination settings
  • Perfect for play and walks in the night
  • USB rechargeable
  • Adjustable around the neck and chest
  • Light weight, rain proof and military grade fabric
  • Removable component for washing

The noxgear light hound harness is our top recommendation if you are looking for a harness that gives bright illumination and visibility in the dark. It contains upto 12 hours of battery life, is USB powered and comes in 6 multicolour flashing and 8 solid colour options. Everyday your lab can be dressed in a different colour depending on his mood. It is 3M reflective, fluorescent and can be seen from up to 0.25 miles. This dog vest is made from weather, dirt and mud proof materials so you are ready to play in any weather. It slides over the head and fastens around the chest of your lab. It is the perfect harness vest if you go for walks when it is dark outside, when you want to let your puppy play out in the dark or if your bud has long hair such that regular reflective trims do not work for him.