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7 Best Harnesses for Your German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds all over the world. This highly adaptable and greatly intelligent dog breed is one of the favorites of many people. German Shepherds are highly active and full of energy and so they are ideal pets to have for families with children and people that love jogging, hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities. These loyal and obedient hounds can be trained very easily since they are smart, friendly and loving. A harness in such cases, becomes a necessity for families with German Shepherd dogs.

You should choose a harness with due consideration for your puppy. Buying the first harness you see is not a good practice. Some crucial considerations before buying a harness include  the type of harness,  the use of the harness, its comfort and durability. A model hardness combined with adequate obedience training will make walking your German Shepherd a pleasant experience for both you and your little buddy. Harnesses come with several advantages. They not only protect your doggy’s body but also give you greater control over him. Harnesses help your German Shepherd to teach him to not chase after squirrels and jump on other people. They come with a great benefit especially for older Dogs with medical disorders.

Since German Shepherds are large and powerful dogs,  they require a strong and durable harness.

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Given below are 7 of our top picks that you can buy for your dog.

ALBCORP Tactical Dog Vest Harness – Military K9 Dog Training Vest – Working Dog Harness

Main features:

  • Made with tough Nylon material
  • Loop panels to help carry dog gear
  • Comes with 3 metal D rings
  • One heavy duty lock on each side
  • Comes with a sturdy top handle and plenty of velcro patches
  • Adjustable around the neck and belly areas

The ALBCORP Tactical Dog vest harness features a sturdy rough and tough exterior, made with nylon material. It is especially designed for when you and your puppy go out on walks, hikes or jogs. This no pull and no choke type dog harness comes in two different colours and three different sizes. It has loop panels and velcro patches to hold all of your puppy gear.  There are three metal D rings on the harness. One is on the front and two are on the back. D rings on the back are specially engineered for leash attachment as well as for ID card or dog tag attachment. This harness also comes with A strong study handle on the back to provide superior control to the owner. This harness is one of our top recommendations for German Shepherd dogs of all different sizes.

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness for Large Medium Dogs, Military Dog Harness with Handle, No-Pull Service Dog Vest

Main features:

  • Made with heavy duty military grade 1050D Nylon material
  • Unique Molle System on both sides of the vest
  • Handle at the shoulders
  • 1.5” webbing throughout with tough box stitches
  • Has five adjustable straps and 2 sturdy buckles

This top notch harness is as breathable as it is durable. It is functional, yet not too heavy for your german shepherd. What we love about the rabbitgoo tactical dog harness is its functionality. It comes with multiple hooks and loops, velcro patches and pockets for all your outdoor dog gear. There are two rows of MOLLE systems on either side to give you a hands free dog walking experience. The harness also features a handle near the shoulders and chest and back metal leash rings. It has five points of attachment and two quick release buckles for a stress free wear. This harness is the best choice if your german shepherd is a service dog, a police or a military dog, a working dog or a hunting and companion dog.

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, Pet Harnesses with Dog Collar

Main features:

  • Made with oxford nylon material
  • Reinforced strong stitching
  • Reflective trimming
  • Comes with a free dog collar
  • 4 adjustable sliders and 2 quick release buckles

With thick straps and strong stitching this vest type harness is a pretty good choice for your German Shepherd dog. This harness comes with a reflective trimming two and sure optimum safety for your dog under low light conditions. It is made with very breathable fabric and provides superior comfort to your dog. it comes with 4 points of adjustment, 2 quick release buckles and is available in multiple sizes for an accurate fit. Additionally, this harness comes with a matching free nylon dog collar. The dog collar also contains a snap buckle and a d ring for leash attachment. It contains a sturdy handle to help guide your dog without choking him. the design of this harness would make you think that it might be expensive but you will be surprised to know that it is quite easy on the pockets. Therefore, this harness is an all rounder in our list of recommendations for your German Shepherd.

Tri Cloud Sports Dog Tactical Harness

Main features:

  • Made with 1000D Nylon material
  • Multiple adjustable straps
  • Durable and tough stitching
  • MOLLE straps for gear carrying
  • Comes with three pouches, a leash and a BPA free collapsible bowl

Although this is one of the more expensive harnesses on the list its features are worth the price.  This tactical harness is meant for serious work. This harness has MOLLE  straps instead of a velcro which makes it extremely ergonomical. The MOLLE Straps are best for long hikes so that all the gear is conveniently located in one place. This harness is a class apart in terms of durability.  There is double reinforcement on every area of this harness. Not only that, it is designed to ensure that the extra gear will never come in the way of the top handle. there is also a second handle provided on the back side for even better control. the multiple straps on this harness will ensure an escape free fit,  so your German Shepherd can never snake his way out of it. This tactical harness is your best bet if you take your dog on long hikes as it additionally comes with free storage pouches, a leash and a bpa free silicone collapsible bowl.

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness and Bungee Dog Leash Set

Main features:

  • Ideal for large German Shepherds
  • Made with 1050D Nylon material
  • Equipped with MOLLE system on both sides
  • Two leash attachment points
  • Has a reinforced top handle
  • Free bungee dog leash

This tactical dog harness offers a lot of the features that we already saw in previous dog harnesses. German Shepherds were especially kept in mind while coming up with this product design. This dog harness is sturdy, comes with excellent padding and provides you with adequate control. Harness like this is the most appropriate choice for working and service dogs. It comes with thick and sturdy leash attachment rings and has a reinforced top handle. it is equipped with the MOLLE system on either side so that you can carry all the tactical gear conveniently.  This harness also comes with a bungee dog leash which is 37 to 49 inches in length. This list has a built-in elastic rubber band to provide with excellent shock absorbing capacity of extension up to 49 inches. The leash has 2 padded handles, reflective stitching and a sturdy metal hook for the best dog walking experience.

EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft Reflective No Pull Vest for Medium to Large Dogs

Main features:

  • Minimal design made with durable and breathable material
  • Lined with a thick padding as well as neoprene
  • Comes with a nylon handle that has a rubber grip
  • Reflective strap across the back
  • Slip on with a single clip around the belly by the side

The EXPAWLORER Big Dog harness Is made with a minimalistic design and comes in three different sizes and 7 colour choices.  It comfortably slides over your dog’s head and snugly fits around the belly with an adjustable strap and a buckle on the side. It has a large reflective strip across the back and Shoulders. In a true sense it is not a no pull harness, since it does not come with a front clip, but it does evenly distribute your German Shepherd’s body weight all across its length. This harness features a thick and soft padding and a neoprene lining.  the most striking feature of this hardness and the reason why we love it is the nylon handle on the back which is large and comes with a rubber grip to control a distracted dog.

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Harness Training Military Patrol K9 Dog Vest Adjustable Nylon Military Dog Harness with Handle

Main features:

  • Made with 1000D Nylon Material
  • Has two adjustment sliders
  • Comes with two Duraflex UTS buckles
  • Has a control handle and v-shaped buckle
  • Contains an ID panel for patches attachment

We recommend this harness as a starter harness for a service German Shepherd dog. If your dog is a service dog in training harness is the best first option for him to get used to other heavier tactical harnesses. This harness is made with 1000d nylon material and has adequate soft padding on the inside. The Duraflex UTS  buckles are made of sturdy plastic and it has a metal ring for leash attachment. Not only does it have a magic panel for the attachment of all your favourite patches, but it also comes with a free cute patch. It comes in five colour and four size options. There is a handle in the back of the harness. It also comes with a quality warranty of Replacement within 90 days.

Harnesses aim at improving your as well as your dog’s time together and so they play an important role in the relationship between you and your dog. Our goal is to highlight all the features of the top of the line harnesses available in the market so that you can give your buddy the best present.